History Panicale

History Panicale

History Panicale

One of the most beautiful panoramic terraces overlooking Trasimeno Lake is undoubtedly in Panicale, a historical and picturesque town in the Province of Perugia, Umbria.

Panicale owes its appearance to its medieval origins, of which it still retains all the structural and architectural features.

The layout of the town in concentric circles represents one of the most advanced systems of multi-level military defence typical of the medieval period.

In fact, this type of defensive structure allowed the castle of Panicale to resist the numerous sieges to which it was subjected.

Panicale is one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages in Italy’ reported as such also in an article in the well-known New York Times newspaper.

Below I leave you the original link to the NY Times article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/17/travel/panicale-italy.html

Panicale has a peculiarity, when you find yourself inside the beautiful village it seems as if time has stopped many years ago.

It is a village that has excellently preserved the historicity of its landscape, which gives the feeling of living in another era.

One has the same perception when observing the locals who lead an extremely simple life.

Children and young people play in the square with a few simple tools, the elderly are those who tend their small vegetable gardens, those who go to the village shop for groceries and those who converse from the terraces or sit on the benches in the square.

Nevertheless, there are all the necessary services such as pharmacies, hospital, supermarket, restaurants, bank, post office, theatre, tobacco shop, butcher’s store, cocktail bar and shops.

Inside the walls, passing through the majestic Porta Perugina, we reach Piazza Umberto I.

In the centre of the square is a fountain built in 1473 along the lines of the one in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia.

The fountain was once a cistern used to collect water for use in times of drought. The cistern, built in travertine, is octagonal in shape and has the heraldic coats of arms of Perugia and Panicale in two of the panels.

Today, the cistern collects rainwater from the roofs of the buildings surrounding the square.

A few steps from the fountain you can admire the main church of Panicale, San Michele Arcangelo, and near it the other two churches, San Sebastiano and the Museum Church of the Madonna della Sbarra.

Walking around Panicale, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the panorama from various points. Neat, yet unspoilt nature towers above.

Anyone who wants to buy a luxury villa in Panicale is certainly also an oil lover, as the hilly position, temperature and exposure provide the perfect conditions for the production of top-quality oil.

This is evidenced not only by a landscape ruled by centuries-old olive trees, but also by the many historic family mills in the area.

Just last year, in 2021, the oil from the olive trees of Panicale, Olio Dop ‘Il Rocolo’ from the company Gori Maria Paola, was awarded a prize by the Umbria Chamber of Commerce.

It is no coincidence that Umbria in general is called ‘the land of green gold’.

For enthusiasts and lovers of good food, it is a real luxury to have hectares of privately owned olive groves.

Italiae Villas has selected one of the best luxury villas for sale in Panicale “Casale del Boschetto” that has over 4 hectares of olive groves surrounding the entire property.

To make you realise, we are talking about almost 400 olive trees, with a potential production of 400 litres of oil, to be used for personal use and to be sold abroad, which thanks to the quality of the oil can become a real business.

Casale del Boschetto